Industry-Leading Super-Fast, Robotic Technology

Built on the market’s leading robotic platform, Glamdroid is the most versatile robotic camera arm in the world. Super-fast and super-smooth movements can be programmed to create sequences unique to your event. Unlike other robotic camera arms, Glamdroid uses cutting-edge safety sensors that immediately stop the arm if users get too close.

High-Speed Camera

Robotic camera arms such as Glambot use an exposed camera connected to a PC to capture the action, an approach which works for 2-hour events with a team of technicians at hand but not permanent installs.

Glamdroid mitigates this issue by using a uniquely designed head which houses and protects the high-speed camera.

HD Prompt Screen

Once you’re in position Glamdroid’s unique prompt screen takes over, giving you instructions and counting down to the action. The system does away with the need for yet more event staff to direct the action.

Tailored to your event and your brand, the content and design that appear on the screen can be anything you like.

Smaller and Lighter

The sheer size and weight of robotic camera arms have, until now, meant exorbitant transport costs, large teams and access issues that limit them to only the largest spaces. Glamdroid is half the size and weight of the competition which means that it’s easier and cheaper to transport, it works in smaller venues and doesn’t require a large team.